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Bacon Salt August 6, 2008

Filed under: food — Katie @ 2:20 pm

What I find almost as intriguing as the idea of Bacon Salt (who knew?) and their AWESOME slogan, Everything Should Taste Like Bacon, is the way that I came to learn of this great product.  Gmail kindly alerts you via sponsored ads to products that might interest you based your what’s in your mail.  At the moment, I am graced with this ad:  “–The Official Condiment of Gotham Girls Roller Derby.”  I bet you’d love to see what’s in my email in order to get that ad. 

I’m a bacon fan, in fact, if this was a food blog I’d write future posts on the following topics:

1.  This weekend while at a restaurant, a kid about 8 years old at the table next to use got a cheeseburger that had slices of bacon on it.  As he arranged them and got his ketchup ready, I heard him sing the following, directed at no one in particular, “Ba-con, Ba-con, I love Ba-con.”  Indeed.

2.  On the moral and ethical dilemma posed by kosher bacon bits.  And on our desire to find ethical loopholes to do all sorts of other things that are verboten and bad for us.   

3.  On the rise of meat as a condiment, first reported on by The Onion.


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