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Travel, or lack thereof August 4, 2008

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I consider myself a worldly person in general, which includes being well-read and aware of things happening beyond my immediate surroundings.  But last night I was sitting with a group of folks my age, and they started talking about travel.  They lived in Paris, they toured Italy, they knew the names of little small towns in countries with great things to do off the beaten tourist path.  During the conversation PL and I sat there not saying anything because we haven’t been anywhere.  We didn’t study abroad, we didn’t backpack through Europe after graduation, and we don’t even have passports. I went into Mexico, a whopping 2 miles from the border to do construction work on houses, but it looked pretty much like the US side–in fact, they only accepted US money. PL went to Niagra Falls, on the Canada side once. But that’s it.

It’s partly a nervous control freak thing, having to know how to get around and not be lost and helpless.  Being in a country where you don’t understand the language and the signs and the transportation system makes that impossible, especially for control freaks like us.  We’re also from families that didn’t go many places and certainly no places not in our country. My mom is fluent in Spanish but has never even visited Spain or Latin America.

Despite being a control freak, I am doing better at going with the flow and not getting frustrated and panicked.  PL reminds me that I wasn’t fun to be around when we were in Las Vegas and couldn’t find our airport shuttle, but I was cold and had low blood sugar.  I don’t think we do too bad in the travel department–in the 5 years of our blissful life together we’ve been to New York twice, Boston, Asheville, Fort Lauderdale, Rehoboth Beach, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon.  But, I still feel like I haven’t been anywhere.


One Response to “Travel, or lack thereof”

  1. Erin Says:

    It’s not just you. The only reason I have been to Germany was because it was a group tour organized by someone else. I did go to Toronto, but all I did was hitch a ride with a friend; she did all the planning (bless her!). I love to travel in this country, and I have to say, even all my friends who have been all over Europe and such seem jealous when they find out that I have been to the Grand Canyon (they have not). Yes, Europe is great. Yes, I do intend to go back at some point. But there are plenty of “wonders” right here in the USA, too.

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