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Seriously? July 28, 2008

Filed under: food,pets — Katie @ 10:03 pm

As part of her not-so-secret plot to conquer the universe, Rachel Ray is now selling dog food. Sometimes things just rub me the wrong way and I can’t quite articulate why–Rachel Ray’s dog food does just that.

I remember back in 2002 or so when I finally got a tv and was introduced to the wonders of the Food Network, I really liked Rachel Ray and learned a lot about cooking from her. In the past couple of years though, her personality got too large and too loud for me, then she got a talk show, said stupid things like EVOO all the time, started selling cookware, and got a magazine, so I was pretty much done with her. (Full disclosure: I think her magazine actually has terrific design and layout and I love the celebrity fridge feature so I read it in secret when I visit my mom, but I don’t bring the magazines back in case anyone sees them in my house).

But dog food? A portion of the proceeds from the food and treats, called Nutrish (annoying name isn’t it?), will go to her charity for animals. The food at least has meat as the first ingredient, but it doesn’t look much different than any other grocery store brand and has high fructose corn syrup and plenty of corn and soybean meal which is just filler that dog’s don’t digest.

This is now leading into a longer discussion on pets and how O’Malley is a hippie dog that eats a raw diet after his moms did lots of research and saw how healthy and happy O’Malley’s girlfriends Keira and Aggie are on their raw diet (mmm organic chicken backs). Dogs are essentially wolves, and don’t need to eat vegetables or grains, and need high fructose corn syrup just about as much as I do. They also have a lower tolerance for stupid crap than their humans, and wouldn’t choose a dog food just because Rachel Ray’s picture is on it.


2 Responses to “Seriously?”

  1. rev. mama Says:

    I’m SO relieved to know that I’m not the only person who thinks that Rachel Ray is both annoying as all get out and also very, very good at what she does. Most of what I know how to cook came from her show. I mean, come on, is “olive oil” that hard to say? Must you use an unnecessary acronym? EVOO? Puh-lease! And the word “nutrish” makes me want to punch something. In Christian love.

  2. Julia Says:

    You guys crack me up! I can’t say much about Rachel RayRay, other than she’s got a nice looking magazine.

    And yay for raw feeding! I threw the Taters in the bath tub last night so she could eat her raw half chicken back without dragging it all over the house. My god, the carnage that resulted. Poor dear is a bit challenged when it comes eating. The price she pays for being a pug…

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