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Clutter? July 22, 2008

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The blog Unclutterer featured an interview with a professional organizer who has encountered some very bizarre belongings as she has helped her clients “unclutter” their lives.  They liked the article so much they are starting a feature that highlights the bizarre clutter of their readers. 

I have a twisted relationship with clutter, having cleaned out all of the belongings of an Aunt and Uncle’s basement (and garage) after they died.  After that, I made an intentional effort to avoid the accumulation of crap and told my parents I would just throw their stuff away if they left me a mess.  I ended up with an inevitable amount of stuff that I don’t like or need, but have emotional attachments to since it’s family stuff, but slowly the heirlooms are being sorted from the things that I couldn’t get rid of at the time.

Avoiding clutter is impossible of course, but I routinely clean out closets, organize things, and get rid of “stuff.”  I have learned through living with someone (one day PL will get to write a post about how I’m a pain to live with most of the time), things I consider “stuff” and “clutter” sometimes don’t get labeled that way by the person who owns it.  I’ve also helped enough friends move to know we all keep random bits of clutter that we treasure and look like junk to the outside world.  I of course have no such items…

Funny story: 
PL and friend picking up a heavy box say, “What did you pack in this box, rocks?!”

Written on side of box:  Fossils.  So yes, it was rocks. 

Back to clutter, since we love our friend and his fossils and have moved them more than once. 

Here’s a partial list of the random bits of treasured belongings and clutter we have in our house:  (post your lists and pictures too in the comments!)

Things that aren’t mine:

1.  Empty Smirnoff raspberry vodka bottle,  6 years old

2.  Nun doll (with habit and rosary) that’s about a foot tall

3.  Ken doll with homemade clothes (actually not a childhood memento which is why it’s fair game)

Things that are mine:

1.  Stack of Life magazines from the 1960s that are falling apart

2.  Set of hideous fish patterned sheets

3.  At least 4 broken watches


One Response to “Clutter?”

  1. Laura Says:

    I’m not going to list mine…but I have a serious problem with clutter. Serious.
    I am making progress. In the mountains, I’ve let the two Randy’s de-clutter to some extent. But, at “home” – well, it’s a mess 😦

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